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4 year old boy starved to death

Credits: Matt Pybus
Horndean Technology College (See more work from this school)

A woman whose four-year-old son starved to death and was left in his cot for nearly two years has been found guilty of murder.

Hamzah Khan's body remains were found at their Bradford home in September 2011 after he died due to severe malnutrition.

His mother, Amanda Hutton, 43, was convicted of manslaughter at Bradford Crown Court.

Hutton was remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced on Friday.

The jury heard Hamzah had a "grossly inadequate" diet, suffered from osteoporosis and was wearing a baby-grow for a six to nine-month-old infant when he died, even though he was four, since his growth was so severely stunted.

After almost five hours of deliberation, jury made it clear they had convicted Hutton on the basis that she was grossly negligent by not providing adequate nourishment for Hamzah.

Amanda Hutton claimed she had struggled to get her son to eat, and he died suddenly.

However, Hutton then admitted a charge of preventing the burial of a corpse, along with her eldest son, Tariq, 24, who will also be sentenced on Friday.

Prosecutors said Hamzah probably died from malnutrition as a result of Hutton neglecting him as she concentrated on herself and her alcohol addiction.

They said she starved her son to death.

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