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Local Doctor wins OBE

Credits: Lucy
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
Dr Robson awarded for services to the homeless

Dr Timothy Robson was on the Queen's 2015 honours list and was rewarded an OBE for his services to the homeless.

Dr Robson is a doctor and co-founder of Watford's New Hope Trust.  He now runs Meadowell surgery which is dedicated to the homeless.  Dr Timothy came home one day to find a very unimpressive letter; however,  the letter contained the exciting information about his OBE.  He said: 'I was particularly pleased as it felt like recognition as this work is important.'

As he grew up in a church background, he was surrounded by the values of love and caring for each other.  He told us: 'I wanted to be a doctor from the age of 8.'  However, after returning from working in a refugee camp in Thailand, he saw a news article showing that Watford was ranked 30th on a list of cities with the worst homeless problems in the UK. Consequently, this pushed him to co-find the New Hope Trust. 

Nowadays, he runs the Meadowell surgery on Cassio Road.  It provides everything a normal surgery would but also gives therapy, manages mental issues, consultaion and help for alcohol and drug addicts.  He said: It's more welcoming as the surgery dedicated to homeless people so they know they're all in the same boat.  It's important that we listen to them and give give them time and sympathy.  You have to treat them as normally as possible.'  Most homeless people have been kicked out of their homes.  It can really affect their self-esteem as your home is very important to you and without it you struggle to fit in and belong.  However, some people do prefer to be on the street.

As he is still an active member of the New Hope Trust, he highly recommends young people to get involved with the charity.  He doesn't advise you to approach them on streets but to help raise money for charity.  There are many sponsored sleep outs so people can understand what it's like to sleep on the streets and you can always donate unwanted items to charity which makes over £20,000 each year.  By raising awareness of this problem at a young age, it can help eradicate this problem in the future.

Dr Robson is waiting to receive information about when to collect his award.

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