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Jammie Dodgers- not Vegan?

Credits: Amritha
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
First Oreos, then Jammie Dodgers- What biscuits will be left for vegans?

Burton’s Biscuit Company, who make Jammie Dodgers, have decided to make the popular biscuits non-vegan.

The company has now added milk protein to the original recipe, to add flavour to the original recipe.  However, many vegans are not impressed with this decision, and have taken to Twitter to start an online petition, which has over 3500 signatures.

Eloisa, 12, in 8B said “I had not heard about this before, but I do not mind, as it does not affect me.”

She also said that she thinks that the petition is a good idea, but “may not work, as if they [the company] have changed the recipe, it is not likely that they will change it.”

Mrs. O’Neill agrees with her, saying “The company will not want to change the recipe again.”

However, Monica in 8A says “I am vegan, and if the company changes Jammie Dodgers, it will just prove the rumour that a vegan lifestyle is extremely restricting and that you cannot eat most foods, which is not true.”

She also said that the petition was a good idea, and that the company would lose profit if they keep the new recipe.

The company are acting on customer reviews, and are also making the biscuits with less sugar and more jam. The biscuits will also be crispier.

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