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Watford Cycles

Credits: Alice
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
Boris Johnson unveils 'Santander Cycles'

In an effort to combat the rising obesity epidemic, Watford Council have made the decision to introduce a form of ‘Boris bikes’ with the intent of increasing overall exercise and fitness on the streets.

Levels of obesity in the UK are noticeably rising – it is now estimated that 61.7% off adults are either overweight or obese, a rather shocking number for many when informed.  ‘That’s actually really high when you think about it; because you don’t really see many people that register to you as obese walking around,’ says Sally, ‘I guess it shows how fine the line is between being healthy, and unhealthy.’

Watford Council have undoubtedly noticed the overweight population though, and have released plans for a scheme that they hope will begin to get the community active –a version of the bikes dubbed ‘Boris bikes’ by the public.  The bikes were unofficially named this after Boris Johnson unveiled the original version – Santander cycles.

They will abe vailable for all residents of Watford to use, and are hoped to reduce congestion on the roads as well as contribute to the nation’s fitness.

An average of 30 minutes is planned to cost approximately £2, a rather large asking price in the opinion of a few. ‘The price is a little high for my liking – I would prefer using my own bike anyway, it would save me any embarrassment that comes with hire bikes’ says Ellie, an avid cycler.

Despite a few negative opinions, a majority are excited for the instalment, ‘I am looking forward to being able to ride around Watford instead of having to take the bus everywhere, and it also makes me happy how the council is taking interest in the health of the community.’

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