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Junior Doctor's Dispute

Credits: Zahraa
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)

The 3rd strike for Junior Doctors is currently underway over the issue of the new contract from the government.

The government has imposed a new contract for Doctor’s working seven days a week rather than just five.  Junior Doctors feel insulted as they have been doing this long before this was even suggested and feel that they are doing more than actual doctors.

There is a pay rise (13.4%) although in reality most doctors will end up earning less. It is also said that those who work extra hours (1%) could possibly “lose out on what they need.”

Altogether, Doctors have had to cancel over 5000 operations for the two days. They are only coming in for emergencies in the A&E department.

There has been mixed feelings about the dispute between the Junior Doctors and the Government

Zara, a Sixth Former from Watford has said that, “I am with the Junior Doctors on this dispute. However, operations are really important and they shouldn’t really be missed. My mum had a major operation yesterday which she has been waiting for a couple of years. We were all really stressed but luckily, she managed to have it.”

Bou, another student has also been impacted by the strike. “They’re doing the right thing but it’s an inconvenience to other patients. My Grandma’s appointment was cancelled because of the strike”  

Miss Bateson also is siding with the Doctors. “I’m with the Junior Doctors because being in the hospital I’ve seen how busy it is and we are going to lose them if we stretch the hours for too long.”

Miss Tai has said that, “I support their right to fight for something they believe in, but I also support the government.”

Mr Fry thinks that they should not have had a strike, “Them being on strike is not good for people who need to go to hospital for appointments and operations.”

“They’re kind of being a bit selfish.” Saoirce has said, “They became doctors to help others and now’s their chance. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about."

Watford General Hospital has sided with the Junior Doctors and are taking part in the strike. They have decided to arrange a picket line outside the Watford General Hospital to prove that they are supporting the dispute.

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