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Kissing your parents: right or wrong?

Credits: Shamaya
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)

Psychologist, Dr Reznick, says that it’s wrong to kiss your child on the lips.  The debate of whether it is right or wrong to kiss your parent/ child has been around for a while now. Most parents will see it as a simple act of love but Dr Charlotte Reznick has warned the mouth is a very sensitive area which “can be stimulating” and later cause confusion for children.

Parents say kissing games are fun to play with your kids to show affection, but is kissing your child on the lips going too far?

At the age of about 3 or 4 you should stop kissing your parents as it could be stimulating and cause your child problems in the future

To children, a parent kissing them on the lips seems awkward and disgusting. Most children don’t like to kiss their parents because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Alice said that it’s acceptable to a certain extent to kiss your parents.

Misha said that some people over react to kissing their parents on the lips or take it the wrong way.

 Mrs Smith said “it’s perfectly ok! I have always kissed my children; it’s what good parents do to show affection

However Miss Chan had a different view, personally I feel uncomfortable with kissing my kids on the lips. If my kids want to kiss me on the lips that is fine. I don’t outwardly kiss my kids on the lips; I usually go for the cheek.


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