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American Elections Biggest Contenders

Credits: Stephanie
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)

American Elections Biggest Contenders

The battle is heating up

Since the last election in 2012, the main parties (the Democratic and the Republicans) have been putting forward presidential candidates to elect a new president.

In the lead, at the moment, of the Republicans is Donald Trump winning with 458 votes and has won over three states in the last election. He beat his fellow contenders in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, in his attempt to become the Republican White House nominee.

Trump is commonly talked about due to him widely voicing his opinion that many say should not be said. A lot of people dislike Trump because of this, finding his candour distasteful, whilst others find it a new and refreshing approach.

‘I think Donald Trump is insensitive to people’s feelings and is slandering a whole religious group just to get attention,’ said Gehna, which happened to be the majority view, however a few backed him up, one said, ‘I feel Donald Trump should win because he knows how to get a point across and that’s why he’s winning at the moment. Also, he doesn’t need a pre-written script [at debates] and takes hate very well.’

Despite his outrageous quotes and dislike towards Muslims and immigrants, Trump grows more popular by the day. Many people from these religious groups are now supporting Mr Trump; they even made a poster where Donald is sitting in a yoga position on a lotus with the "Om" symbol, looking a lot like the Hindu Gods Brahma and Vishnu.

On the other hand, a lot of people in the UK look towards the Democratic nominee in the lead, at this point of time, Hilary Clinton, leading with 1,223 votes.

Hilary Clinton gets a lot of criticism, one reason is because she believes in deporting child immigrants to Honduras, however she argued it was for their welfare and Clinton promised to make a path to citizenship “a priority for my first 100 days” in office.

There is much speculation around the title of Hilary’s husband, Bill. If Hilary wins the presidential race Bill Clinton would not be known as the First Gentleman, but as President, so there would be two President Clintons in the White House.

Clinton seems to be a favourite, beating Bernie Sanders by a mile; her votes tallying up to more than double his. Hiruni, a fellow classmate said, ‘I feel it is good a woman is taking lead and is a great example for all the women out there. #GirlPower.’ 

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