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Vicar vows to help Watford's Refugees

Credits: Usha
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
APF - Thousands of refugees travel to escape conflict and starvation.

As the migrant crisis continues to escalate, people are setting out to ‘make a difference’ in our local area. Over a million refugees and migrants crossed into Europe last year, but as the crisis unfolds, more are flooding in.

There are charities in the local area and all of the world helping refugees. One of these is called ‘Watford and Three Rivers Refugee Partnership’ (WTRRP), which provides mental and physical support for asylum seekers in the local area. They also supply products ranging from food to nappies to support everyone in need.

It’s not only charities who are setting out to help refugees and migrants. The headmistress of Watford Grammar School for Girls, Dame Helen Hyde, is scheduled to leave the school at the end of this year to play her part in the increasing crisis.

Tony Rindl, the vicar of St Mary’s Church in Watford, gave his views on the crisis and how he’s going to contribute to the migrant programme. “I’m looking forward to working with someone as experienced as Dame Helen Hyde, who has obviously contributed to the National Holocaust Education programme. We are planning a conference for young people in the autumn, to explore things such as why people become refugees and the experiences they face as they move from country to country, as well as the process they face to get asylum and refugee status and to see what else they need such as food, housing and education for their children.”

They vicar also said: “We need to be equipping young people to find the solutions. They are keen to develop an education programme to find the needs and requirements to solve the problem and to train people to be part of the solution in the future.”

Although Tony Rindl is not directly involved in the charity, he supports WTRRP, as they provide a drop-in centre twice a week that provide support for refugees in Watford such as accommodation, food and legal support. He said: “The organisation is growing and demand is increasing all the time as we see the whole refugee crisis unfolding.”

Dame Helen Hyde and Tony Rindl are meeting in a couple of weeks to sit down and identify what else they can do to help. Seeing the extent in Watford and across the world, they have realised that this will be with us for many years to come.

We are also able to participate in the migrant and refugee crisis. By continuing to ask questions and learn about the issues faced by refugees, our generation may be on the way to preventing the problems for good.

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