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International Women's Day- Women being praised all around the world

Credits: Bou
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
The international woman's day banner

International Women’s Day was on Tuesday 8th March 2016 when celebrations were held all over the world but do girls and women in the 21st century, feel inspired and empowered in modern day society.

There are many amazing women who inspire girls and women in all industries. We asked staff and pupils from Watford Grammar School for Girls who inspired them.

Ms Tai, deputy head, said, “Margaret Thatcher because despite the fact I didn’t agree with her politics, I did admire how single-mindedly [she] pursued her dream regardless of the barriers put up against her.”

Zoe, a student in Year 8, said Rebel Wilson because, “she’s not known as beautiful but she still follows her dreams.” Caitlin, another student in Year 8, said Emma Watson because she’s “very pro-women” and that she promotes equal rights in a peaceful way.

Evie, an upper sixth member, said “Malala Yousafzai” because she “risked her life”, is “well-spoken” and “promotes gender equality”. Evie went on to explain that she’s most inspired by how Malala is only a year younger that her and has done so much.

Ms Bateson, head of year 8, said “Dame Helen inspires me very much because she’s so energetic and eager to try new things.”

But today, there is the issue that women are being underlined in everyday life, such as the pay gap of women being paid 14% less than men.

Shekinah, a student in year 8, said of this, “Horrendous and shocking as women are being ignored!” Millie, another student, said, “Really? That’s terrible! Women shouldn’t be underpaid, it’s not fair and there should be equality.”

Zoe said, “Women and men work equally- they are equal.” Evie said, “The gender pay gap though it is illegal, it’s still happening. There are negative aspects of inequality in the 21st century but you hear that male suicides have risen because it is thought that talking about your feelings is a feminine characteristic. But it’s not.”  

Miss Tai said that it’s “quite depressing” and that “we are a civilised county yet we still have a pay gap. How much do we have to fight for equality?”

However, despite the celebrations of women all over the world, men have been arguing, which isn't a complete suprise, that it is unfair that women are praised and men aren’t. This is in fact not true as on 19th November, it is annually International Men’s Day.

Mr Fry, deputy head, said that he knew about men’s day but “ideally in this day and age, there should be no need for such a thing but unfortunately there is such a need. There shouldn’t really be such a thing as ‘International Women’s day’ or ‘International Man’s day’ as it should be happening all the time.”

International women’s day is a chance for women all over the world to celebrate women’s achievements in every aspect. Many spent the day praising on various social media sites and on Tuesday, #InternationalWomensDay was the most tweeted hashtag for the day.

Maybe, if this country closes the gender pay gap and enforces equality everywhere, there will no longer be any need for International Women's day anymore.


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