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Mental Health Week

Credits: Sonika
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
Mental Health Tree with feel good thoughts

Schools must do more on mental health says school reporters. Many students are currently suffering from mental health but can't tell anyone, in fear of being bullied and not accepted. Opening new programmes will help students be more open-minded and aware about mental health and Watford Girls is taking the lead.

According to Grace, not from Watford Girls, who spoke to the survey’s authors, she felt there was no-one to turn to in the school,she said "I felt so low I didn't want to go on". She had been bullied for the past nine years, has moved schools twice, struggled with suicidal thoughts and taken medication for anxiety and depression. The ComRes research, taken by 1000 UK students aged 11 to 16 shows that 70% experienced negative feelings and 11% described themselves as “unhappy overall”.  However, not only the students should be aware of how to help people with mental health but also the teachers. According to another recent study, a third of teachers hadn’t had any training for how to deal with mental health issues and a quarter said that they don’t know how and when to refer a young person in distress for help.

Two sixth form students at Watford Girls Grammar school Amy and Maitri took the initiative to start a weekly programme for helping people become more aware for mental health. This included programmes such as Chocolate and Chat, Feel good Friday and cake sale and many more! We asked them why they decided to organise it and Amy said: “I’ve noticed this is something that we need to make more of a big deal of in the sense of letting people know about it!” 

Maitri also said that: “ I completely agree as well when I see the range of children going about school. And growing through the years, the mental health awareness that we had was very little -there had been some, but not enough.”

Watford Grammar school nurse Miss Hibbert shares her views on making students more aware of mental health issues. “It can be very helpful for students who struggle to cope with mental illnesses and can help them to talk about it to teachers and peers. And you can also look out for your friends.”  

A student in the school (who wishes to remain anonymous) “It’s a good idea because some people take mental health as a joke.”  

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