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Five Second Rule Finally Favoured

Credits: Alicia
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
the cookie test

New research led this week by Anthony Hilton has proved that it is ok to eat certain items after they have been dropped on the floor for no longer than five seconds.

Sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and dry toast have been given the all clear to eat after Anthony Hilton, a professor at Aston University, has conducted microbiology findings that show there may be a variance between the classes of object. This means to us that different foods can be left for different amounts of time without becoming harmful to our bodies. These food items can be left up to a maximum time of half an hour and no harm can be done to us.

Hilton’s study covered typical floor types in bacteria and found that the dropped food would have picked up no more than 0.0004% of it. He will be demonstrating how the five second rule works at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham later this week.

Other foods such as sweets, cooked pasta and doughnuts still follow the common five second rule and can be eaten before the time is up.

Even though I presented Dorota, a canteen manager at Watford Grammar Girls School with the new findings she still adamantly said, “Regardless of this new research I still have to keep our standards high and we cannot afford to go by this.” She then went on to say, “Any food that comes in to us but falls on the floor, I still have to bin it”

I also conducted research among a group of twelve girls at Watford Girls and eight of them guiltily admitted to picking up there last crisp that had fallen onto the floor and now hearing the news that it is safe; they were delighted and glad that it is acceptable.

Is the five second rule no longer a myth?

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