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Confirmed Statue in Honour of Graham Taylor

Credits: Hafsah
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
Will the statue be abstract like this one?

The Watford FC's manager, Graham Taylor has recently passed away, however that doesn't mean that he isn't still both remembered and respected by the local community.  It has finally been confirmed that his legecy will be commemerated by a new statue. But what do the people at our school feel about this?

Graham Taylor was one of Watford's best coaches as he lead them to victory on a number of occasions. We have collected a few views from students of Watford Grammar School for Girls on how they feel about this future memorial. 

"I feel that it's good that we are getting a new statue of him as he was widely respected and an amazing manager.  It is very well deserved."  "I think its good as he was the only Watford manager who made Watford do well in its football career."

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