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Are mobiles and obesity depriving us of sleep?

Credits: Monica
Watford Grammar School for Girls (See more work from this school)
Do you get enough sleep?


A recent study shows that Teenagers are struggling to sleep well around the world, due to obesity, as it can block oxygen and mobiles, as the screen light tricks your brain into thinking it is awake.

Studies show that many things affect the way you sleep; the position you sleep in, alcohol and your weight are all factors for this. The risk of suffering with sleeping disorders has been shown to be significantly increased by being obese. According to a new study, this is due to having large tonsils that interrupt normal breathing, by blocking oxygen flow to the brain. This is problematic, as lack of sleep contributes to weight- gain and obesity, making this a vicious cycle.

 Leading experts have warned that electric lights, such as computer and smartphone lights, negatively impact our sleep. This is because artificial lights disrupt the body’s natural rhythm, affect chemicals in the brain and drive people to using stimulants like caffeine. Between 1950 and 2000, the average person has increased their artificial light usage by four times. Fifty years ago, less than 3% of the US slept so little, and around the world, people are sleeping on average 1.2 hours less than they did a century ago.

 Jessie, a student in 6th form at Watford Grammar School for Girls, says that she gets “eight hours of sleep every night,” but she finds that she would benefit from “more sleep” because she is “quite tired.” She also said that mobile screens affect her sleep negatively, so she reads before bed.

Mr Bevan, a teacher at WGGS, says that he “sleeps beautifully” because he “turns off all devices at 6pm,” and reads before bed. He also said that he was “waking up [in the night] before,” and was unable to get back to sleep. 

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