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About Making the News 2

What is Making the News 2?

Making the News 2 (MTN2) is a website designed to introduce students to the world of online media publishing and broadcasting for the 21st century. Teachers may register, doing so will create a homepage on MTN for their school. The teacher may then create student accounts.

Students can then login and create articles and programmes which will be submitted to the teacher and if approved published on the school homepage. Well rated articles will be added to the National MTN2 site.

Articles may be text and images or they may be video, audio or a sequence of images.

Creating and Editing Media

You can use any media editing tools you wish to create and upload video/audio articles, or use the tools embedded in the MTN2 website:

The Media Editor

The Media Editor allows you to sequence video, audio, images and text to create an article.

The Programme Editor

The programme editor allows you to create a news programme including
  • opening titles
  • avatar anchors that speak your audio
  • video embedded in scenes
  • fullscreen video
  • credits

Selected videos will be added to supplements, MTN2 will run a supplement per term, with the top articles going forward for a yearly Media prize.

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