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Fri 28 Jan 2011


  A willow wonder is being constructed on the infant playing field. The willow structure will be used as an outdoor classroom. On the 18th January the first willows were planted. The willows are 4.5 meters long and are called coppice willows. “The willows should take root and grow leaves in spring.” Geoff the builder told us. “The first thing to do is make deep holes. Then we insert the willows. One of the most important things to do is secure the willows. The willows are woven together at the top of the dome and have a diamond pattern near the bottom. “Willows are naturally bendy. They are held in place temporarily with cable ties.” Geoff explained. Around 100 coppice willows and 40 bags of wood chippings are used in construction. There are benches too. The benches were put in a few weeks before Geoff started work. “The willow structures take about 2 days to build.” “Why do you like building the willow structures?” we asked. “They are eco-friendly. It’s a green option for schools and we have been building them for about 17 years.” Geoff replied. Three other year sixes were helping Geoff. They carried bags of wood chipping and raked it so no grass was showing. We asked if it was easier with helpers. “Not really.” Geoff said. The whole school can’t wait for it to be completed.

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