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Tue 28 Jun 2011


Every Pupil for Yr5, Yr4 and Yr3 all had been preparing for the play for weeks. We were practicing and practicing and then finally the day came. We all had our costumes, Props and everything else and then we were all set. Isobel, Judy, Josh and I were terrified as we had to sing solos! Judy was Robin hood, Isobel and I were Maid Marion (We were twin Maid Marions) And Josh was the Sherrif. All of us were very scared when we walked into our hall. Josh, Isobel and I were on stage at the same time. There were lots of people flooded into the hall. All four of us sang our solos with a bit of fright but we sounded great! At the end when we all did our bows the Sherrif (Josh) and his Deputy (Matt) bowed and everyone booed. But when Judy (Robin Hood) Isobel and I (Twin maid Marions) They cheered and clapped us until we left the room. We did three performances. One during the day for our school, and another two in the evenings for our parents.

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