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E2BN Confrence
Wed 29 Jun 2011

E2BN Confrence

Today some spaldwick school pupils went on trip for the day to a E2BN Confrence and are having a great time. we have just had our lunch and we are going to interview some people, we are all having a great time, we never want it to end. All of us are doing lots of work on the laptops, everyone has to write down a few questions that they would like to ask to Nick Baker the T.V presentor and  the wildlife lover. We have walked around the building and have had tries on most of the things and we must try and get as many stamps as possible and so far we have got lots of stamps and lots of free things like teddybears, Cd's, and sweets and pens. The lunch was very nice and there were tons of things that everyone likes so we all had many thing to eat as it was so nice. there are some drinks and sweets, there are also lots of shortbread snd cookies. 10 of us are here and we are having a great time and we are all enjoying ourselfs, most people have lots of freebies. there are tons of places that have things you can try out so we are trying to go to as many as possible.

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